More Ketchup


When do we stop doing things?

When we’re dead? Bored? Tired… like when do we give up on the things we love to do? Do we stop loving doing them?

I’m refusing to stop doing the things that I love.. forever. But, when I look at that picture above, the screen grab took of me finishing concrete; one of my ultimate ‘loves’ I look like a mad man… and I believe I look this way often. Me looks a little psycho…pain riddled, sweaty, fat, dirty, angry. I love concrete.

Skate boarding trips have changed as well. Now I take a van load of children; my son and his friends instead of a van load of derelicts. The back of the van still sounds about the same: laughter and a mix of food fight and wrestling… then silence then repeat. Nobody wears seat belts, they’re too busy climbing on top of one another and jumping around. I try to reprimand but suddenly they’re all deaf. I continue driving somewhere while in another world…hopefully not making my mad man face pictured above.

A standard skate trip without children? All I need is a 12 pack of cheap beer and a box of cheezits. But when kids are involved you gotta remember to bring ketchup and shit.

And I still love my journals. Journals are magic. Mine used to be more public then things were a little sad, like a sun dial motto… a little too true for m’sharing. I think I made that face above all day and during sleep for a while.

In the past years therapy became a religion and I was able to sort out my questions and work on answers without worrying about labels. Shane swears those bad times took years off of my life and.. I’m OK with that.. what’ll it be? I’ll take a little off the top.


~ by midlife concrete on August 20, 2017.

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